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Go by the direct city night line sleeper train phoenix book at original linken, departs 18. Train tickets from florence to bologna centrale start at 4. The child offer is now extended to children ages 4 to 14 years when traveling on highspeed frecciarossa, frecciabianca, frecciargento, intercity, intercitynotte, eurocity. Italy rail passes and train tips from rick steves rick steves europe. Learn how to use the train in italy, vocab and phrases to help you enjoy your trip. You should prepare to spend a significant amount of time waiting in lines during high season and several pre sale ticket options may be sold out. Italiarail italy train ticket and rail pass experts. Pre book the sleeper train at original linken or theres a direct daytime train via the scenic brenner pass at. We are both so excited as this is our first trip to italy.

Book italy train tickets online with italiarail the italian train travel specialists. How to buy cheap european train tickets read this advice first. Trenitalia everything you need to know omio goeuro. Prebook a comfortable alex train from just 19 at original linkeshop the db website tries to buy you on a motorway bus for 29, yuk. International tickets from france start at 15 for thello trains from marseille and nice to milan and 29 for tgvtickets from paris and lyon to torino and milan both trains require a compulsory reservation.

Comfortable seating with plenty of space for your luggage. Search for your route and well tell you if you need a. Italiarail can make reservations on many but not all trains. If youre planning a trip to italy and plan to travel by rail, you may wish to buy your train tickets in advance. The best sites for buying italy train tickets in 1st and 2nd class. The railway company you will travel with is trenitalia. The better train categories are fast and comfortable. These provide most of the highspeed service on the main lines between turin, milan, venice, bologna, florence, rome, and naples. How to buy cheap european train tickets read this advice.

Smallsize dogs, cats and other pets are welcome on our trains. When travelling in italy, is it best to pre book trains. Train italy trains map, pass, timetables and fares italy. This means long waiting times at museums, art galleries, and crowded trains. It is not part of the italian national rail network so you cannot buy tickets from trenitalia online or from rail stations nationally. However, irish rail offer some special extracheap advancepurchase fares if you prebook at. If youre looking for the cheapest possible ticket between a and b especially if a and b are in the same country this is the way to go. When to buy your train tickets for italy tripsavvy. Ive saved hundreds of euros by booking in advance but only for train travel i knew i wanted to definitely take on a specific day but, the. Trains leave from pre saint didier and arrive at torino porta nuova. Should i buy italy train tickets in advance rick steves. The circumvesuviana train service is a regional network of lines running out of naples to the east of the city around mount vesuvius. Tickets for frecce trains, the highspeed trains that run between italys major cities, can usually be bought within.

Privately owned italo runs highvelocity trains tofrom turin, milan, verona, venice, bologna, florence, rome, naples and salerno. If you are booking italy train tickets for two or more people, it can also be cheaper than trenitalia. The child offer is now extended to children ages 4 to 14 years when traveling on highspeed. Book a few days ahead to get the amica fare 20%discount or if you are travelling at a busy time easter etc or have a large group and specifically need a certain train. Tickitaly offers train tickets between selected italian cities on the comfortable and fast freccia arrow train services read on for more information or simply complete the form below to purchase your tickets. Without a car, i regularly travel through italy by train. I never book trains ahead except for holidays and have never had any problems getting what we needed.

Buying train tickets in italy the 2019 guide the hotel. The naples to sorrento line of circumvesuviana takes about 75 minutes with. You can see which trains require a reservation in our timetable, or you can check by country or by train type. If you already have a pass, and know where you want to travel, well tell you when you need a pre assigned seatand will gladly book it for you. Omio is a travel platform and an authorized ticket seller that lets you compare and book trenitalia trains to destinations in italy, france and switzerland. I agree fully with avoiding the schedule constraints. Its cheaper then if there are 2 or more passengers. You can count on 10 daily rides to get from presaintdidier to turin.

Book train tickets worryfree with the italian train travel specialists. Theres no need to pre book as reservation is never compulsory, you can just turn up, buy a ticket and hop on the next train. Pre booking trains in france and italy fodors travel talk. As the others have mentioned, you can easily book tickets online up to 120 days in advance at a considerable discount. Train tickets europe travel by train rail europe train.

Intercity train tickets can be bought on the trenitalia website, on in person at train stations in italy. You will read of many travellers who have attempted to book via trenitalias site, only to find having struggled to the point of payment their foreign credit card rejected. While this costs a bit more for the premium trains, it provides more flexibility as i can choose my departure time according to circumstances at the time. Oct 14, 2018 it can be intimidating to pre book a taxi in rome if you dont speak italian, but luckily it is totally possible to book a car in advance via app, website, or by phone. Theres no need to prebook as reservation is never compulsory, you can just turn up, buy a ticket and hop on the next train. You can either book, and pay for, your ticket online, or, if youre feeling a little more spontaneous, wait. However, irish rail offer some special extracheap advancepurchase fares if you pre book at. Hi, i am a bit confused whether i should book my train tickets in advance for my travel in italy. For example, in the netherlands a maximum of two is possible. Advance tickets can be an especially smart buy for popular highspeed trains such as frances tgv trains and italys le frecce trains, which frequently sell out. Regional trains just have one ordinaria fare which doesnt change. For more inspiration, discover our italy vacation deals. Check prices of or buy a eurail italy pass through rail europe. Train reservations may also be required in order to guarantee you get.

For example, stations in the netherlands charge 10 euros per booking, though in. Heres how to do it, so you can spend more time on vacation, and less time traveling. How to buy italian train tickets before you leave home. Pre booking trains in france and italy hi all, yesterday i pre booked a flight from barcelona to san sebastian and a friend cotraveller mentioned she thought it was unnecessary to pre book. As in all european countries, some trains opt for open seating while others require pre booking. When buying italy train tickets on the select italy website, youll most likely be traveling on le frecce trains by trenitalia. While a rail pass is often the smart way to ride the rails in europe, sometimes it makes sense to purchase individual train tickets between specific destinations either instead of, or in addition to, a rail pass see my tips for figuring out whether a pass pencils out for your trip. Restaurantbuffet offering snacks, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks as well as lunches and evening meals. On the milan to venice route, the majority if not all trains are high speed. May 09, 2017 but longer distance trains offer reservations, with cheap advancepurchase fares if you pre book on a norefunds, nochangestotravelplans basis and much more expensive flexible fares if you just turn up on the day or demand flexibility. Italy rail passes must be purchased before you get to europe, within six months from the date you plan to validate it. However, you must be willing to commit to a specific departure as the compulsory seat reservations are specific to train. Start a search and, if theres a coach available, well suggest the best tickets.

You can book this service, if available, up to 2 hours prior to departure time by calling our pronto italo contact center at 06. If you buy your ticket online, there is no need to validate it before boarding. Trains leave from aosta and arrive at pre saint didier. International tickets from france start at 15 for thellotrains from marseille and nice to milan and 29 for tgvtickets from paris and lyon to torino and milan. How to buy train tickets in italy an american in rome. Travelers may even experience the old world charms of sicily during their. We are a fully licenced partner of trenitalia and make the whole process fast and efficient. You can count on 2 daily rides to get from aosta to presaintdidier. Travel with our frecce trains, at high speed, departing and arriving from the center of the main cities. Train travel in italy, a beginners guide tickets from 9. I dont want to book ahead of time if i dont have to because i dont want to be bound by time constraints that i make now. This service is only provided for flex subject to availability in prima, comfort and on evo train also smart ambiences. We are taking the train from rome to florence, florence to venice and then the high.

How to book highspeed train tickets in italy rome vacation tips. Buying train tickets in italy the 2019 guide the hotel expert. Most trains are run by trenitalia, italys national train operator. Elizabeth heath has lived in the umbria region of italy since 2009 and has been writing for tripsavvy since 2017.

Prices can also vary depending the time of day, route and class you book. Jan 21, 2019 without a car, i regularly travel through italy by train. Its privately owned competitor italo runs highvelocity trains between turin and salerno, venice and naples, and brescia and naples. Sometimes you can save a bit, but the saving is probably irrelevant in the context of the overall cost of your trip. Italia rail reservations and supplements italiarail. Thereafter, again speaking personally, as a rule i would not pre book train tickets. I would like the flexibility of booking the day before, but dont want to end up having limited options if i hold off too long. Train tickets from florence to bologna centrale can start from as little as 4. When i try to book the train, it asks me to choose your rate. This site uses proprietary or thirdparty profiling cookies to send online advertising with your preferences.

Romevenice starts at 29 if you pre book no refunds, no changes or is around 90 if you buy a fullflex ticket on the day. We are taking the train from rome to florence, florence to venice and then the high speed train from venice to milan. Frecciarossa portal through the trains wifi, with 3g internet, travel information and entertainment. How to buy the cheapest italy train tickets online. Btw, im doing all the research and planning, and he doesnt do any of that. In italy, you must reserve seats on ic innercity, ec eurocity, frecciarossa and frecciabianca trains.

What is the best site for booking train tickets in italy. Our dream is to enable online reservation for train tickets from lisbon to ho chi minh, the worlds longest rail journey at 17. If youre planning to see a lot in a short amount of time on your eurail trip, then youll most likely need to buy some seat reservations for highspeed routes before you go. How to pre book a taxi in rome an american in rome. Europe should i have pre booked my trains for italy we are leaving in a few days for our trip to france italy. She has also written for frommers, huffington post, usa today, and more. Savings on advance fares vs cheapest nonadvance fares. That includes taking regional trains to get to smaller towns or short distances, and fast speed trains to travel between major italian cities. As of now, you can book train tickets to 35,000 destinations in europe and beyond. Some train stations have a limit on the number of reservations you can make at one time.

Europe booking trains in italy should i book in advance. There are 86 tours to choose from, that range in length from 7 days up to 17 days. Book with railway companies you can buy seat reservations online for italy, germany, austria, switzerland, sweden, and the czech republic. Seat reservations on intercity trains are mandatory and will be assigned automatically if you dont choose your own. Trenitalia is the national train system that runs most services. Trains between sorrento, pompeii and naples circumvesuviana. Train travel between cities in italy is relaxing and blazing fast. Experience the wonder of italy by train to explore the countrys top destinations and to fall in love with the italian culture. High speed trains with regular connections and a regular timetable.

If you plan to use the high speed trains trenitalias frecciarossa, frecciargento or frecciabianca as well as italo trains you better book them in advance to save some money, perhaps going for a more flexible fare on the other hand, if you plan to take conventional trains there is no need at all to buy the tickets in advance because. Its long distance trains are frecce or arrows and intercity trains. Cheap train tickets italy buy tickets online happyrail. Youll find cheap airlinestyle supereconomy and economy fares if you pre book mainline trains in advance, on the day the base fare is charged. Hello, my husband and i are traveling to italy march 1120. Plus, you can ride this train with any eurail pass that included italy first class only. I have compared companies and routes for years in order to write a guide on how to buy train tickets in italy. Speaking personally, i would not pre book your first ticket, as theres too much that can go wrong mainly a delayed flight. France italy thello day train from marseillenice to milan, or thello night train from paris to venice take the french sncf regional train to ventimiglia on the italian border, followed by a direct intercity train to milan 4hr or genova 2hr, where you can connect to trains across italy. For the milan venice route, i was thinking it may be better to pre book as i would want a high speed train.

As long as you are leaving from or going to the center of rome, you will pay a flat rate of 30 for. Should you, well there are hundreds of posts on the topic with most saying you should. Trains in italy are convenient and relatively cheap compared with other european countries. Its an online website that sells trenitalia tickets in euros, pounds, and dollars. We are flying from paris to venice and then were planning on taking the train. If you are just travelling on short day trips rome florence venice etcthen i would wait until you get to italy. Train travel italy, train travel message board tripadvisor. And now rail europe offers the same italian train tickets and fares in north american as are sold in italy, including access to a vast schedule selection. The most popular month for these tours is september, which has the most tour departures.

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